What gear will I need to bring on camp?

Have a look at our gear page here.

How long does it take to get there?

Rotoiti Lodge is around 1 and a half hours from Nelson, 2 hours from Blenheim and 45 minutes from Murchison, but we’re worth the drive.

How cold does it get in St. Arnaud?

That very much depends on the weather but you can expect the temperature not to get above 10 degrees in the winter while we can hit the mid twenties in the summer‚Äč

How much does it cost to hire out the Lodge?

Check out our brochure or Private hire page for costs and terms and conditions.

What else is there to do in the area?

Rainbow Ski field is 40 minutes down the road or you can ice skate on the local pond in winter. In summer check out Murchison and the Buller river for a range of activities from rafting, to jet boat rides. There are also plenty of tramps and huts which lead into the national park. You can find details here.

Is there a shop/store nearby?

The village has a small shop which also functions as a cafe and petrol station. They stock a wide variety of goods.

How many people does the Lodge sleep?

We can accommodate 74 people in the lodge. See the accommodation page for details.

Can I have a fire outside?

Unfortunately you can not have an open fire outside the lodge because we are in a national park, however barbeques and gas heaters are allowed.

What activities do you offer?

Please see the activities page for details.

Can I bring my own instructors to run activities?

We have a highly experienced team of instructors at the lodge who are trained in all our safety systems and activities. If you wanted to bring your own instructors they would have to go through our training process and be signed of by our senior staff to run the activities.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.