1. Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor Education Centre is available for the hire of Schools, Community Groups, Clubs, Service Organisations, Family Groups, Faith Groups, Business and Others
  2. The Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor Education Centre reserves final approval and right to refuse hire to any group applying to hire the Lodge. Likewise, it also reserves the right to cancel any booking should it have reason to believe that the booking may harm or cause harm to either Rotoiti Lodge, Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor Education Centre, its Trust, or employees.
  3. As Rotoiti Lodge is in Nelson Lakes National Park, it is subject to specific National Park by-laws and regulations that may affect certain activities. For weddings at the Lake Front and some sporting camps a permit is required, please inquire at the St Arnaud Department of Conservation Area Office for further details (Phone: 03 521 1806) and to check if your event needs a permit.
  4. Hirers must meet with lodge staff upon arrival to go over familiarization of the lodge.
  5. The standard hire period of Rotoiti Lodge is from 3pm to 1pm. Early arrival or late departure is by a case-by-case basis and my incur extra charges

Care and responsibility

  1. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that during the hire period they manage the behaviour of their group/event to ensure that socially acceptable behaviour is maintained.
  2. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that noise after midnight is not at a volume that can be heard beyond the grounds of Rotoiti Lodge.
  3. The hirer is responsible for all damage to Rotoiti Lodge or its surroundings and for any and all missing items.
  4. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the Lodge is maintained as a smoke and vape free venue and that all smoking and vaping is done outside away from doors and windows of the Lodge.
  5. If during the hire period alcohol is to be consumed the hirer is responsible for ensuring that the consumption and control of all alcohol is to be managed in not only a responsible manner but also in accordance with Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.
  6. The hirer is responsible for the supply of First Aid kits for their group/event
  7. Any decorations that are used (inside and outside the Lodge) must not be put up using methods that leave marks, pin/nail/screw holes or damage surfaces that they are attached to.


  1. The hirer is responsible for appointing fire wardens for during the hire period. Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor Education Centre staff will brief the hirer on the fire evacuation process during the Lodge brief at the start of the hire period.
  2. Outside fires including braziers are prohibited at all times
  3. The BBQ is only permitted to be used in the BBQ shelter, no BBQs are to be used elsewhere including on the Lodge deck
  4. The use of fireworks is strictly prohibited.
  5. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that any electric devices/equipment that is used at Rotoiti Lodge is in good working order and that it is used in a safe manner and in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines and they electrical circuits are not overloaded.

Cleaning and Rubbish Disposal

  1. The hirer is responsible for cleaning the Lodge and its grounds (including daily cleans for bathrooms and kitchen) to ensure that it is left in the same condition as when they arrived.
  2. The hirer can book a predeparture cleaning check at the end of their stay, 2 weeks’ notice is required.
  3. If the hirer wishes to book a cleaning service, it must be booked and confirmed 6weeks prior to the start of the booking period.
  4. If the hirer fails to leave the Lodge in a suitably clean state an unscheduled cleaning charge of $600 plus cleaning costs will be charged.
  5. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that all rubbish and recyclables generated by their group is either removed from the premises upon departure or sorted and stored in the rubbish shed behind the kitchen.
  6. Rubbish bag collection costs will be charged to your group (contact the lodge for details).
  7. Food scrapes that are left at the Lodge must be placed in the food scraps bins and are not to include plant or flowers that have been used for decoration or any pork products.
  8. Any foliage/plants or flowers that have been used for decoration must be either removed or placed in rubbish bags in the rubbish shed


  1. Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of the deposit. The deposit payment must be received within one week of receiving the deposit invoice or the booking will be cancelled.
  2. The balance of the hire charge will be invoiced to you within 5 days of departure from the Lodge. This invoice is due within 10 days of receiving the Trust’s invoice. We appreciate prompt payment.
  3. Late payment will incur a penalty charge of 20% for the first month, after the first month overdue the invoice will be forward for debt collection.
  4. Payments are to be made in 1 payment, if invoices are paid in multiple payments a 5% administration fee will be invoiced.


  1. Cancellations must be notified more than twelve weeks prior to your stay in order to receive a full refund of the deposit. Cancellations with twelve to eight weeks notice will result in loss of the deposit. No cancellations within eight weeks or less of the hire dates will be accepted, the Hirer will be charged the minimum charge for the hire period.

Note: Rotoiti Lodge reserves the right to extend cancellation periods during peak use times, including public holidays and other long weekend periods. 

  • Where Covid-19(or other pandemic/s) Levels mean that Rotoiti Lodge cannot operate, or the Hirer coming is from an area that has a travel restriction in place and cannot come due to those travel restrictions or that a gathering ban has been put in place, in the first instance Rotoiti Lodge will work with the group to find another time for their booking, both parties agree to operate in good faith during this process. If another time cannot be found, then cancellation without financial penalty to the Hirer will happen.

Rotoiti Lodge reserves the right to ask for evidence that most of the group is from an area that has a travel restriction in place.

If the Covid-19 (or other pandemic/s)Level that is in place means that Rotoiti Lodge can operate, no travel restriction is in place then no cancellation will be accepted on the basis of Covid 19 (or other pandemic/s)

Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor Education Centre / Lake Rotoiti Outdoor Education Trust reserves the right to update and change the above terms and conditions as and when needed.

From time-to-time Rotoiti Lodge Outdoor education Centre/Lake Rotoiti Outdoor Education trust may enter into an agreement with a hire group that will override these terms and conditions, any agreement will be in the form of a signed agreement.