Types of Camp


Residential Programme

Our week long school camps focus on team building and new experiences. Students will participate in a wide range of challenges run by our staff and by their teachers. They will also experience the unique environment that Nelson Lakes has to offer with an overnight hike into the national park and learn how to live and work together with others.

Leadership Camps

With a focus on building an individuals personal leadership skills and teamwork, these camps are a step above our regular residential weeks. Our skilled instructors will give students the skills they need and then monitor the students to make sure they are keeping safe. The students will be expected to look after themselves and their group and complete a variety of challenges with little to no guidance from others. This can really test both their ability to learn new skills quickly and their ability to adapt to new situations and challenges.

Biology Camps

Set within Nelson Lakes National Park, Rotoiti Lodge provides an ideal base from which to study a number of unique environments. From measuring tree densities and populations in the St. Arnaud range, to classifying river life or studying birds or insects in the native beech forests, there are plenty of options to pursue. Rotoiti Lodge has a number of resources available for school groups and has well developed systems to safely manage groups carrying out studies in the park.