High Ropes Activities

All our high ropes are a team activity, using the rest of the team to help belay the climber/flyer. These activities are run by our highly trained staff to bring a fun educational session.

Pamper Pole

Stand on top the 5m high pole, and jump for the big red buoy. The Pamper Pole fosters confidence in individuals and trust in each other.

Dangle Duo

Climb the giant ladder to the top while working together. An excellent exercise for the development of cooperation and trust between participants.

Flying Kiwi

Working as a team, participants help the “Kiwi” fly! A great adrenaline buzz, heaps of fun and fantastic views of the Lake.

Crate Climb


Work with a buddy or build your own milk crate tower. Stand on the top as you add each crate. Sounds crazy but lots of fun! Uses some building skills and lots of wobbly giggles

Water sports activities

All our watersports activities are ran by our highly trained instructors. Water sports activities are only ran in terms 1 and 4 with the exception of canoeing as you are unlikely to fall into the lake. Depending on your group goals and values we have a watersport activity for you! 

Sit on Top Kayaking

Our fleet of Sit on Top kayaks allow participants to experience the beauty of our lakeside setting, sometimes extremely close up. With the option of a short journey or a skills based session, run by our trained and enthusiastic staff.



Using canoes braced together, we can create a wonderfully stable way to experience the National Park from the water!

Raft Building


Test out your knot tying and structure building skills to see if your raft will float and keep together long enough to paddle around a course set up on the lake. Accompanied by our instructors to teach the skills needed along the way. Paddle around for fun or race an opponent group


Stand-up Paddle Boarding


We are so excited about our newest edition to the watersports equipment. Available in the warmer months only. Learn some skills and most importantly play some epic games have have a laugh. We have 2 big Tahunas available that can fit your whole team on for some challenges 


Other activities

We have a wide range of activities to suit you and your groups needs and goals for coming on camp. Give us a call and we can work together to sort out the best program for you, whether just a day or a whole week, we have you sorted. Activities ran by our highly trained instructors. 

Low Ropes

The Low Ropes course is setup on site at RLOEC, and is a great way to deliver team building challenges as well as working on coordination and balance!



Perfect for high schoolers wanting an individual challenge and a bit of an epic view looking out at the St Arnaud Range. This 12m abseil down natural rock sets an awesome challenge.



Horace the Rock

Familiarize yourself with “Horace the Rock”. A nice 4m high abseil down natural rock, perfect for primary and intermediate ages. Challenging for all abilities.

Feeling like a pro? We will add a challenge for you.

Feeling a bit nervous? We will be there right beside you.



Mountain Biking

If you can ride a bike, then you’re in for a treat on these trails in the Teetotal Conservation Area! Safety gear provided. 


Get your map and your friends and explore the lodge surroundings, hunting for our orienteering markers.


Whether it’s a single day, or an overnight trip, we’ve got access to some amazing tracks with spectacular views, right on our doorstep. Come see what the Nelson Lakes National Park has to offer!

Team Initiatives

Team building, and group development can be fun, using these established on-site initiatives. “Working” together doesn’t have to feel like “work”!


Hire an instructor 

Want to hire an instructor to run some activities? Whether its for just one day or you want to stay for a week we can find the best activities to suit you and your group. Give us a call or an email and we can chat about options and prices.

1 instructor to 11 participants is our max group size. Ideal group size is between 7-11 participants. If you have a large group we can have a rotation system where everyone gets a go on the activities wanted.